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Steps To Making A Realistic Sex Doll

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Steps To Making A Realistic Sex Doll

The first step in the process of making a realistic sex doll torso is making a sketch. This step is very important as it is used as a reference for the rest of the steps. Talented and skilled artists do this to ensure that all details are captured well. Before any construction takes place, the artist writes these ideas down on paper.

1. Prepare Tools: In this step, the artist needs to prepare the tools for sketching. It can be a digital note on a tablet, iPad, PC or picture book. For digital painting, artists make sure to have the right painting application ready. They also charge devices including styluses. Before the actual process begins, use a drawing book and pencil.

2. Sources: Ideas for sex dolls can come from movie characters, music artists, or celebrities in general. A good example of a widely used movie character is Mystique from the X-Men. Alternatively, the reference material could be a picture or a vivid description of the client’s ideals.

3. Actual Painting: With all tools and reference materials ready, the artist can start painting.

Sketches help designers understand the product they are going to make. This is the main reason why even large buildings start with an architectural design on paper. Sketching is the basis for making a sexy and perfect sex doll. So the artist cannot make any mistakes, otherwise it will affect other steps.

Sometimes, customers may send photos or references that they want their sex doll to like. This makes the artist’s job easier because it’s easier to sketch from a picture. Once the artist completes the sketch, the next step is to produce the mold. But the sketch won’t have finished its work yet, as it will be passed to other stages as a reference.

During the production stage, molding is the step responsible for making a beautiful sex doll. The mold has to be perfect, otherwise, what it produces will end up in the trash. The mold also determines the size, shape and form of the doll. Large molds can produce big dolls, and small molds can produce small dolls. The whole point of the mold is to bring out the detailed features.

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1. Prepare materials: Use materials such as clay and plaster as they are good at making high-quality models. Additionally, these materials are perfect for reflecting the tiniest details that designers want to capture. Once the model is built, it is divided into parts to make the manufacturing process simple.

2. Molding: Designers usually use shapes and molds to design and mold sex dolls. They work hard to make sure the molds are perfect because everything is at stake. If it’s not done correctly, then the entire doll may end up in the trash and they will be forced to repeat it again, and since we work with highly qualified professionals, this almost never happens in our factory.

3. Specialization: Some manufacturers may separate the legs and arms from the body, while others will make them in one piece to speed up the process. Areas such as hips, breasts, buttocks, legs, and chest shape are all treated in this step. Additionally, a lot of creativity and advanced technology are used to achieve successful results. The artists are also highly skilled, as each part must meet the specifications provided by the designer. All dolls are designed to meet customers’ requirements and preferences.

4. Confirm/Check: In addition to matching the correct shape and size, the designer also ensures that the doll’s physical features flow seamlessly. For example, all parts need to be of realistic and perfect proportions.

5. Hardening and Lubrication: Soft clay is best for molding, but the mold must be dry to produce the best results. The model has plenty of time to harden effectively before moving on to the next stage. Pour rubber, petroleum jelly, plastic and other lubricants onto the body and skin.




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