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Why Are Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink More And More Popular?

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Why Are Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink More And More Popular?

When you mention stainless steel countertops, many people will think of the restaurant’s kitchen, or the low-rise street cabinet shop countertop. That kind of really ugly, and a lot of materials can’t figure out what it is. In actual use, it will be uneven, and the welding is rough, it is normal to be seen by the spit.

However, the overall stainless steel countertop is another matter, usually a 10~15mm thick stainless steel plate with a brushed and matte surface. The corners are carefully chamfered and polished, with a simple cabinet, the sense of sharpness, suspension, let people put it down. The water tank can be integrated and welded. Of course, the craft is also great, and the texture can be highly unified and visually pleasing. Let’s share some cold knowledge about Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink .

1. Brushed stainless steel countertops are more, in addition to the material’s own performance, color, gloss, texture are different, some do a good job is relatively white and gentle, and some are black and green.

Advantages The good brand is so beautiful, I can’t help but want to touch. One-piece seamless processing, can be handled without flaws, high visual, material, and hand consistency. Styles and colors can be customized.

Disadvantages are more expensive, of course, the cheap stainless steel skin countertops, hand-welded countertops are not expensive. There are not many suppliers, and the basic quality of work is good. The integration means that it is almost impossible to replace the sink separately.

2. It seems that in addition to the transition from double-slot to single-slot, there are not many people paying attention to other types of sinks, and even people who use drain baskets and cutting boards are particularly many, but the kitchen waste disposal processor is very popular. Most of the sinks are sinks, and the cutting boards are the cutting boards. I feel that the efficiency is a bit low, and the net is tossing back and forth.

3. The sink faucet is offset, and the right side is a narrow sliding compartment with a drain function. For example, a sponge or a steel ball can be placed on the side. The knob is a water switch, similar to some bathtub edge devices. The advantage is that you don’t have to reach out to make it oily. The right size of the chopping board can handle a small number of dishes. I like to cut the potatoes in the sink, and the cutting edge is efficient. If there is a garbage processor, I can get it done.


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