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Use wifi jammer to block mobile signal

Use wifi jammer to block mobile signal

Use wifi jammer to block mobile signal

Have you ever thought about which device can be controlled with the remote control? Machines such as TVs and cars use remote controls. With the remote control, the operation can be as simple as ever. Get a lot of convenience. Mobile phone jammers also have this feature. As you know, there are many wifi jammers on the market. It has the function of blocking telephone signals, GPS signals and WiFi signals. It also has a remote control function. The operation is simple in design.

Now, the 5G jammer on the market can limit the self-propelled launch pad 500 meters away. The cutoff radius is adjustable. The jammer only blocks the phone signal and does not affect other electronic devices. Save energy When the jammer device is running, disable the ability to send and receive cell phone signals within a certain range. You can achieve the purpose of prohibiting calls. There are a lot of moves.

Large devices can be used in many places. 4G mobile phone signals are widely used. It is important that you trust the 4G phone jammer. You can learn about the knowledge and usage of this product. Gps trackers are widely used. To better suppress gps tracking signals, mini gps jammer can effectively avoid GPS tracking.

At the same time cut off the 8 bands of the phone and GPS signals. The shield distance can reach 15 meters. If you want to get a jammer, you only need to fully charge the rechargeable battery to work continuously for about 60 minutes. If you want to use signal shielding in your car, use a cigar socket charger designed for mobile phone jammers. It is very convenient to use directly in the car. accomplish the goal.

In the supervision system, institutional management has been strengthened. Many institutions are open to the public. It is subject to social supervision. Work is moving in the direction of control and management. Each prison is scientifically managed through information management. The prison developed a new jammer to strengthen management. At this time, the application of high-power signal interference equipment is an indispensable device. In order to better control the use of drones, it is necessary to use a drone jammer.

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