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Sex dolls are usually made of silicone or TPE

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Sex dolls are usually made of silicone or TPE

Sex doll are usually made of silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). TPE is soft, realistic, supple, hypoallergenic and less expensive. On the other hand, silicone love dolls have a more detailed and realistic vagina and an anus. It is easy to clean and disinfect. So that’s just a matter of choice. This is probably the most important factor.

All of our sex dolls are made with the most remarkable criticism of silicone, which gives all parts of the usual position of women excellent adaptability. The manufacture of these dolls makes it possible to create a channel of a complete vaginal reception center with a very fine channel of the lips and the hip center. This guarantees exceptional intimacy and excitement! Our website and the best price for high quality love dolls.

There may be such behavior around us, they buy mini sex doll as sex objects and life partners. How do I know if I need to buy a real love doll? Under normal circumstances, you don’t have a sexual partner, you are single for a long time and have a strong sex fantasy. Therefore, you should consider buying a realistic doll. You also have a girlfriend, but she always complains about your abilities, doesn’t satisfy your sex research, you also have to buy a real sex doll.

If you are likely to choose a sex doll that looks like a real person, why not choose its function? It’s like designing it. Maybe the perfect woman is tall and blonde for you. So you only have to select some of the functions offered by the company, e.g. B. skin tone, lip color, nail / toe color, eye color, make-up, pubic hair, nipple color, etc.


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